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The Do’s And Don’ts: If Your Partner Is A Gambling Addict PART 2


You should talk to your partner about the problem, and you should calmly talk to them about the consequences of their issue. Most of the time, the person would know that they are afflicted, but they do not know what the consequences are and how it is going to affect their lives. Their judgement is certainly clouded because of the addiction. Make sure that you talk to them when both of you are in a calm mental state. You should never speak about such important things when you are stressed out or when you’re angry at them. I am sure that you would be angry that they spent a lot of money without telling you but, you need to know that they are facing a serious issue and they need your help online live casino.

They should look to you for support. You can take them to self-help groups for family members and gambling addicts. It would help if you attended it with them. You need to explain to your partner that both of you are seeking help because of how his/her gambling addiction affects your family. You need to keep assuring them that you both are going to clear this obstacle together. If you have children, you need to talk to your children in a peaceful manner and explain to them that their parent is sick. You do not have to tell them all the details if you do not want to.

Suppose your partner is completely incapable of handling 96ace singapore finances anymore. In that case, you need to take over the management of the family finances, and you should also start monitoring the bank and credit card statements, so that your partner does not relapse. Relapse is one of the most significant possibilities when a person is fighting a gambling addiction. Any kind of addiction has the possibility of relapse. Relapse is not the end of the world for them. They can still get better. Make sure that you encourage and support them no matter what kind of treatment they are going through. You should be prepared for all kinds of setbacks and believe that you can overcome them. You should be absolutely certain that you never lose your temper or threaten them or give them any kind of ultimatums. This kind of behaviour would make their condition worse. You should never overlook their positive qualities because every single human being has their own positive qualities that they should never forget. When they are in trouble, you need to remind them that positivity. Do not expect the recovery to be butter smooth, because it is probably not going to be that easy. Just let them know that you will be there for them throughout the journey.

Reasons to be a Casino Dealer

What Should A Casino Dealer Do And Wear? | Mens Fashion Magazine

If you want to boost up your career then having a job at the casino is an ideal opportunity for you. There are lots of job opportunities you can found at the casino but it is beneficial for you to become a casino dealer. Being a casino dealer allow you to have the best casino gambling experience and you can easily enjoy your livelihood without much hard work.

If you want to know the reasons to be a casino dealer then some of them are mentioned here:


When it comes to the salary and pay package of the dealer then it is beneficial for you to know that a dealer can make more than lacks every year. The average pay of a dealer can allow you to live your life happily and it also gives you a sense of job security. Considering the kind of risks involved in any other job, it is a beneficial deal for you to become a casino dealer. 


There are lots of benefits a casino dealer can get in for of bonuses, medical benefits, flexible working hours, and many more. As you know, many large corporations run the casinos then you can rest assured that you can avail of these benefits without having any kind of issues and problem. Apart from this, by being a casino dealer also allow you to meet new people every day that can give an innovative experience.

If you are a social person then you will surely love to be a casino dealer as it allows you to interact with new people and able to communicate them to explore various new things. Not only that, but this career is also perfect for you if you are a huge fan of playing casino games or addicted to gambling itself!


Most of the casino players used to give tip to the casino dealers and these tips sum up a lot of money that can make a dealer happy. So, apart from all the benefits and basic pay that you will get from the casino singapore online, you can also get the tips that further raise your money and give you a high level of satisfaction. While not all the players give tip to the dealers but it is considered to do so, then it is beneficial for you to increase your money by getting a tip from the customers. 

Working conditions 

Working at the casino sounds like an exciting thing and you can enjoy a different experience working as the casino dealer. The working conditions at most of the casinos are comfortable and flexible without the need to going through things like stress and anxiety. There are lots of casinos that offer free room and dining options to the dealer and it can give you higher satisfaction by working as the casino dealer. So, there are lots of benefits you can get by becoming a casino dealer and it is the best chance for you to boost your career. But you need to choose the best casino place to play mmc996 before you are going to make any deal or contract of working for the casino to save yourself from any kind of trouble in the future.

How To Stop Gambling For Good

Gambling For Good

For so many individuals who have a gambling addiction, quitting gambling can be one of the biggest challenges that they ever face in life. Recovery would certainly be really challenging. Making a permanent commitment to step away from gambling is going to be a considerable change. The internet has actually made gambling very accessible because of online casinos are being everywhere. It would help if you distanced yourself from all kinds of temptations. If you want to avoid temptation, you need to step away from the internet and make sure you do not relapse. Online casinos are open 24/7, and that’s the issue for gambling addicts, they have access to it all the time. It would be best if you surrounded yourself with helpful individuals who will try to help you no matter what. You need to be around people who will put out positive energy because that’s what you need in this time of turmoil.

I suggest you give up control of your personal finances to a trusted individual like a best friend or a spouse. You should avoid tempting environments, and you need someone who you can be accountable to. It would help if you found healthier activities that would replace gambling in your life. You need to fill the whole that gambling has made.


You cannot gamble without money, can you? Therefore, I suggest you get rid of all your credit cards and your debit cards, and I suggest you transfer all the money you have to your parents, or your spouse, or your best friends account. This person needs to be a trusted individual and someone who would not run away with your money. There is another thing that you can do. You can have your bank automatically close or stop you from taking money out. You can set a limit of withdrawal from your bank account.

Make sure that you spend your time in a productive manner. If you have some free time, I suggest you take up a hobby or even a second job. Or, you could take up more responsibilities at your current job, which would help you get promotions. It only takes 20 to 22 days to develop a habit, and if you make it a habit to be busy and productive, I am very sure that you will stick to it. Make sure that You never put yourself in an environment that would remind you of gambling or casinos for at least a year. You need to detox for a year.


To give you the excitement and the rush of adrenaline, you should start hobbies that would provide you with adrenaline rushes. You can try rock climbing, go-kart racing or even mountain biking. One of the best things you can do with your time is exercise. It will get you into good shape and will give you better health.

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